My Mother's Day Table

gold stripe tablecloth

Unlike much of our life right now, Mother’s Day won’t look much different for me this year, which is a good thing! My favorite Mother’s Day celebrations have been low-key affairs at home, with breakfast in bed from my kids and a little free time to relax.  My mom lives 5 hours away so we’ll Facetime with her, but other than that, no social obligations (obviously). 

My favorite Mother’s Day recipes are ones that don’t take many ingredients or require much clean-up in the kitchen. Who wants to spend Mother’s Day looking at extra dirty dishes!?  I want some fresh fruit, a carbs, a little protein, and coffee. 

gold stripe tablecloth mother's day

My kids are still pretty young, so my favorite cheat is to make part of my breakfast-in-bed ahead of time. I make strawberry shortcake for dessert the day before, and leave out a few extras that my kids can add strawberries and whipped cream to and still feel like they “made” breakfast.  For older kids, I think they could make these from scratch, and they only take 15 minutes to bake.

I use this recipe because it's easy enough for kids (or dads?) to follow and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or steps. I used heavy cream instead of buttermilk and they were delicious.

Happy Mother's Day!

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