About Us

Stylish, fun parties are simple to bring to life with Major Party Shop's line of tablecloths and party supplies.  We can help your party stand out with colorful, unique designs that elevate your table. 

Mix-and-match with what you already own for an affordable way to make your party table extra stylish.  Our unique designs work for every occasion, whether a backyard picnic, casual weekend BBQ, or a big party for a 40th birthday.  

Stress-free parties are the best parties!  Our disposable products make setup and clean up easy, and work great indoor or outdoor.  They are completely plastic-free, so you don’t have to worry about throwing out unnecessary plastic.  Plus, it can even be re-used – if you’re not too messy – and de-wrinkled with a spray bottle of water.  Use our paper tablecloths for birthdays, craft parties, BBQs or just every day.  Our unique thick, cloth-like paper makes for a durable disposable tablecloth for any event.  It won’t tear easily from food or drink spills like other tissue-thin paper tablecloths.  Go ahead and set out those kiddie cups full of red juice – our tablecloths can take it!

Party supplies shouldn’t make you feel over the hill, right?  Enjoy our fun, well-designed party plates and napkins for milestone birthdays.  Every birthday is worth celebrating well, especially milestone birthdays like 30, 40, or 60! 

Major Party Shop makes elevating your party easy and fun.  We are thankful for the support of our wholesale customers and love supporting other small businesses.  Thanks for being here!



Me on my 40th birthday